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June 2021

would you have a covid test every time you meet someone you are dating


WOULD YOU HAVE A COVID TEST EVERY TIME YOU MEET SOMEONE YOU ARE DATING? Sharing the same or similar views in a relationship can either make it or break it. Since the pandemic occurred it has highlighted the importance of having similar views to your partner. Where widely different views would be seen to put one or both people in the relationship at risk. When you are dating you have probably found that you are much more cautious in how...

February 2021

August 2020

January 2020

November 2018

Our Guide To Handling Your Break Up In Style!

Our Guide To Handling Your Break Up In Style!

Handling your break up in style!   Truth be told, handling a break up is not easy, leave alone doing it in style. This guide caters for both the girls and the guys, and while it largely depends on how long the two of you have been together, the most important factor and one that will help in handling your break up in style are loving yourself and putting your happiness first. Staying in a toxic relationship does you no good,...

January 2018

December 2016

The #Christmas #BLOG #Competition #Winners have been chosen! – Gary Wasabi & @ShaySelwyn contact us ASAP.

Hi Guys, this year we posted a competition where there would be prizes given away for Christmas to those who took part in posting comments on our website blog. The winners would be selected by frequency of comments and how interesting the comments were. We would like to say thank you to Gary Wasabi AKA Chuck, and ShaySelwyn for engaging with us this year and contributing to our website content. Please contact us via the website and let us know what prize...

May 2016

Pornhubs Sex Excercise Plan

Did You Know About Pornhubs Sex Excercise Plan? #Pornhub Will Get You In Shape With #BangFit, What U Reckon?

Pornhubs sex exercise plan BangFit Some people never go to the gym since it's fair to say its excessively exhausting, so this might be the new big trend you have been waiting for to get the outcomes you desire. We've all heard that sex is a decent type of activity for exercise yet with Pornhubs sex exercise plan you can chose to take it to the next level. They've presented BangFit, which is precisely what it sounds like. Game orientated work...

April 2016

Virtual Reality Sex Suit

This is one mind boggling Virtual Reality Sex Suit. Check out the video and comment here.

Virtual Reality is set to change the way we utilize technology, yet one development has gone above and beyond most everyday exercises. Think of  a Virtual Reality Sex Suit that gives you the thought that you're having sex, and Sex toy organization Tenga, have hit the spot with this. This amazing Virtual Reality Sex Suit is stunning gear that utilizes a headset, like the Oculus Rift. This Tenga Virtual Reality Sex Suit conveys amazing visuals to your eyes, and has...

March 2016

Womens Fiera suction oral sex stimulator

Everything you need to know about the Womens Fiera suction oral sex stimulator.

Fiera Arouser for her, in plain view at CES 2016, is one of the most recent in another pattern of sex toys for ladies called suction oral sex stimulators. It's purpose is for increasing the blood flow to the privates, to offer ladies experiencing low libido some assistance with getting in the mood before engaging in sexual relations. What's more, it has some factual exploration demonstrating that it does only that. The Fiera suction oral sex stimulator is little and...

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