Did You Hear About Charlie Sheens New Venture? Read More And Comment Here To Win A #Sextoy.

Charlie Sheens new venture

Did You Hear About Charlie Sheens New Venture? Read More And Comment Here To Win A #Sextoy.

Is Charlie Sheens New Venture A Good Idea?

Did you hear about Charlie Sheens new venture? he is the new condom representative for Swedish sex-toy manufacturer LELO. This news has brought on a massive shock amongst quite a few women’s activists who see the on-screen star as an abuser of ladies (video beneath).

“We know Charlie may be a divisive choice for many, but it’s also a bold one. In the fight against STIs we need to make an impact.”  A LELO Executive composed this statement on its IndieGoGo page where the organisation has raised almost $200K for its new “LELO HEX – The World’s First Re-Engineered Condom” as of June 22.

Sheen, who is HIV-positive, says in another video for the condom:

“What may feel like five seconds of an inconvenience or a halted or a thwarted moment can absolutely prevent a lifetime of potential grief and suffering. … A lot has to do with that fantasy belief that that can never happen to them, and that’s something I can speak to. I pretty much felt the same way; that’s stuff for other people”.

Donate money to Lelo’s HEX project by CLICKING HERE.

Do you think LELO Could have chosen a better spokesman for their condoms? See video & leave comments below about Charlie Sheens new venture to have a chance of winning a brilliant sex toy for Christmas.

Charlie Sheen the Spokesman.

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  • Lindsey Reply

    A famous person with HIV will always the the right man for the job to promote condoms. People now associate him with being wreck-less so i’m sure people will listen to his regrets. Good for your Charlie.

    July 9, 2016 at 12:12 pm

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