Did You Hear About The Loose Women Sex Toy Banter?

Loose Women Sex Toy Banter

Did You Hear About The Loose Women Sex Toy Banter?

Is This Loose Women Sex Toy Banter Suitable For Daytime TV?

Coleen Nolan got fairly explicit with Loose Women Sex Toy Banter as she told viewers of the ITV daytime show of how she once nodded off while using a vibrator. What we found intriguing is the manner by which she woke up.

The panel were having a conversation about sex toys on Monday (4 July), in front of the launch of ITV’s new dramatization ‘Brief Encounters’, when Coleen made the startling confession.

Talking about how she once took a Rampant Rabbit for a ride, the star said: “She was given a rampant rabbit by a friend as a blessing. Weird companion. In any case this one night me and Ray had somewhat of a row, I went into the extra room and got somewhat friendly”.

“What happened was and I’m not clowning by any means, I nodded off. Since I had a few glasses of wine.”

As the studio’s gathering of people ejected into chuckling with this Loose Women Sex Toy Banter and co-host Andrea McLean was interested concerning what precisely happened, asking: “With it still going?”

“Well what was irritating was it was the buzzing that woke me up!” Coleen joked.

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  • Lindsey Reply

    Definitely suitable for daytime telly, great fun story for mums and housewives at home. 🙂

    July 12, 2016 at 11:28 am

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