Dog Finds A Monster Sex Toy While On A Stroll. Has Your Dog Ever Found You Anything Interesting?

Dog Finds Monster Sex Toy

Dog Finds A Monster Sex Toy While On A Stroll. Has Your Dog Ever Found You Anything Interesting?

Dog Finds A Monster Sex Toy While On A Stroll In The Forested Areas And Gets It Back To Owner!

A gathering of dogs were sent into excitement on their evening stroll when a monster sex toy was found by Chocolate Labrador called Galaxy.

Galaxy got all hot and bothered when he found the foot-long toy amid a walk around Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside.

Furthermore, the pooch’s proprietor Ste Harrison was so inspired by the disclosure that he took the mammoth sex dildo along to his football club’s gathering pledges golf day, and it now lives gladly in their trophy cabinet.

Galaxy was one of five mutts who gathered around the instrument in the wake of being taken out for the day by full-time walkers Amy Brown and Natalie Ferguson, who recorded the funny discovery.

Natalie expressed, “We were amazed. Galaxy was so pleased when he gave it to us. We were taking a gander at it thinking, ‘That is incomprehensible’. It was gigantic.

“Me and Amy were in hysterics. We would typically place things in the container if the dogs bring anything back, yet Galaxy held onto it for 30 minutes.

Upon their arrival home, Galaxy’s proprietor, Ami Harrison, 30, immediately put the rubber dong in the bin, however her better half Ste, 37, returned home from work with different thoughts.

His football club, Vulcan FC, facilitated a fund raising competition at Hart Common Golf Club on Sunday evening, and Galaxy’s find was introduced to the triumphant pair of golfers.

When your Dog Finds A Monster Sex Toy we have to keep it. It was completely cleaned up, and is currently on display at the pub we go to as a funny reminder.

What is the most intriguing thing your pet has ever done? Please comment on our blog below.

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  • Chuck Reply

    I misread that headline at first – I thought it said the dog returned the toy to the owner of the toy. And i thought HOW DID IT KNOW?! If a strange dog presented me with a dildo I had discarded in the forest, I would take as a sign of the apocalypse. Not that I would discard a sex toy in such a manner- that’s just environmentally unethical.

    September 19, 2016 at 8:24 pm

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