Help in These Difficult Times. Lets stay safe!

Help in These Difficult Times. Lets stay safe!

Help in These Difficult Times

We have all faced difficult situations with this COVID-19 virus the past few months, and we may still have some challenging moments ahead in the coming months. Cherishing lost ones, detachment as well as loneliness, the anxiety and tension are emotionally felt by so many. Not to mention the worries of the front-line employees, key workers, carers, health professionals, and staff in hospitals. Not to forget the food store workers, warehouse packers, cleaners, and delivery drivers all placing their lives at risk for the essential services to continue to run for the benefit of the country.

The fear of lost employment and also company closures will be intense for households facing hardship and also the uncertainty about the coming months. The government has made several stipulations with their supporting economic agreements yet it will certainly not suffice to aid all employees.

The broken romantic relationships propelled by high-stress levels, money fears, businesses falling, or even the loss of a household provider by a fatality. The targeting of the elderly together with Black & Asian communities have all been problems COVID-19 has caused. Men overall are more at risk of the virus and in general, appear even more damaged than women with this virus. Those with underlying health conditions are the most vulnerable, and the most likely to be told to shield.

The marriage advice counselors & domestic violence services have been swamped with phone calls additionally the child help-line. The quantity of physical violence within households has escalated beyond comprehension over the past few months.

Exactly how can society and culture be assisted to fix itself? People are self-destructive, harming, discouraged not knowing where to turn for assistance. The uncertainty is worsened by the truth there is no assurance that there will not be a further surge of the destructive infection that has affected us all recently. This being said there have been talks and trials of vaccine’s however, we don’t know how this would affect people who will take it. Some nations had successfully removed the virus but yet it has struck once more.

In amongst all this despair, more Black men in particular in America have been slain by law enforcement. This oppression has struck home with cultures and societies throughout the entire world resulting in large rallies in key communities under Black Lives Matter in numerous regions, triggering people to defy lockdown guidelines as well as social distancing. What will this do to the spread of the virus?

Today the government in England made it law that people need to wear face masks in any enclosed public spaces. £100 fines will be distributed to those who break the rules, however, police believe they will have trouble enforcing it. There are certain exemptions for wearing a mask in enclosed public spaces, such as children under 11 years of age, people traveling with those who rely on lip-reading, or people who need to eat or drink if its necessary such as taking medication.

We need to keep strong and endure shielding and social distancing for a bit longer and discover peace in nature and in our surroundings on our daily strolls. I am lucky I have a park nearby with lots of green spaces and also I am not stuck inside a high-rise apartment with lots of children, but others are not so lucky.

Here are several tasks anyone may do to really help during these testing times.

Eat for the sake of Infection Protection and Immunity Strength

Choose foods and also supplements in which are highly rich in vitamins and minerals. Raw fruits and vegetables, leafy veggies, and also grass-fed/ pasture-raised/ organic foods. Garlic herb, Elderberry, and also Oregano Oil are healthy bacteria-fighting products. Making more healthy consumption decisions will get rid of the harmful virus as well as deal with infections.

Control Bowel Health

Healthy and balanced probiotics like Kimchi can easily promote the neuro-receptors inside your intestine. Colostrum is a wonderful referral for growing immunity via supplements. This will enhance your mental quality and also the well-being of your body and even the digestive system. Integrating probiotics into your way of living will also stop Leaking Gut Disorder as well as Diarrhea from infectious causes.

Exercise to Enhance Vigor

Physical activity promotes healthy blood and also natural killer cell production. Natural Killer Cells are actually white blood cells that reject tumors as well as viral diseases. Choosing to work out builds blood cells rather than fat cells and also causes anti-aging benefits. The national guidelines in the UK promote 60 minutes of exercise a day, walking or gardening will also be an effective form of exercise and boost healing abilities and disease deterrence.

Acquire Proper Sleep

In addition to the above healthy resting patterns, are more likely to reduce your threat of getting heart problems, diabetes, and immunity dysfunction.


Drinking fluids may wash the infection into the belly where it may die in the stomach acid. If you do not consume sufficient liquids it can relocate from the windpipe right into the lungs.

Healthy dining, resting, staying hydrated, along with exercising will be your primary weapon when protecting against and defeating viruses like the COVID – 19 for the future. Take a while to find out about factual news information and appreciate the resources that nature provides for us to stay healthier and content. We are all capable of checking our options as well as our physical selves. Feel better, look better, be better, and most significantly live better.

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  • Mark Chambers Reply

    Great article. Good information and well written. I will follow some of these tips. Hard times right now.

    August 5, 2020 at 6:53 pm

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