Jodie Marsh haters have a lot to say – Read and #comment on our blog to #win a #prize

odie Marsh haters have a lot to say

Jodie Marsh haters have a lot to say – Read and #comment on our blog to #win a #prize

Jodie Marsh haters say she’s frantic to claim another spouse since she has been posting marvelous pictures over online networking, people claim the snaps are an “edgy sob for attention”.

This supposition has been made as the 37-year-old who split from James Placido in April and has been occupied with displaying her stunning 6 pack.

Jodie’s had it extreme throughout the years, being with men who harassed, beat and stole from her. So we get why she’s committed to making her own particular satisfaction.

Jodie blasted back at the remarks made at her by Jodie Marsh haters: “Firstly I don’t need a man and I am NOT attempting to get attention from men.

“Also, I have been preparing hard and eating right and it’s paying off as my stomach is lean and hard and I’m pleased with it.

“If you think that as women we only post pictures of our bodies in the trust of pulling in a man then that says more in regards to YOU than it does ME”.

She likewise properly said “I’m glad for my body. At 37 years of age I am fit as a fiddle and I feel great. Also I began my vocation as a glamour model and still have numerous fans who preferred me for that so to keep them upbeat sporadically doesn’t hurt now, isn’t that right?

“If you would post pictures like this to attract a man then I feel sorry for women everywhere. Just know that I am content with my animals and my life”.

“A man wouldn’t bring anything to the table (unless I needed sex, which I don’t – I have sex toys for that which perform better)”.

Back in June, Jodie Marsh focused on an additional five years of chastity so her inclination towards sex toys over terrible men sounds good to us.

You go girl, we praise you. There are numerous ladies out there who picked this alternative as a lifestyle, it brings less heart aches and pain. It indicates awesome order and strength in character. Jodie Marsh haters give the girl a break!


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  • Chuck Reply

    Are the haters all male, by any chance? There’s none so fine as men for thinking they know a woman’s mind…

    September 19, 2016 at 8:19 pm

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