Read why Poppers wont be banned on our blog!


Read why Poppers wont be banned on our blog!

Home office ministers have confirmed why Poppers wont be banned under the control of legal highs. This was a last minute U-turn made by Home Office ministers to keep the popular chemical drug legal. The drug is otherwise known as Alkyl Nitrates which has been hugely popular in the 70s and is common in the gay community as they use poppers to prepare for sex and to enhance sexual stimulation.

Crispin Blunt, a former Conservative Justice Minister came clean stating he was a poppers user and proposed the ban as “fantastically stupid”. The decision why Poppers wont be banned and included on the Psychoactive Substances act which will criminalise the trade in legal highs starting in April, was declared by home office minister Karen Bradley on Tuesday.

Karen Bradley concurred with the advisory council on the misuse of drugs that only “substances that directly stimulate or depressed the central nervous system are psychoactive” and ought to be under restriction on the sale of legitimate highs.

The ACMD educated the Home Secretary Theresa May that poppers were not psychoactive and furthermore not seem to be capable of harmful affects sufficient to constitute a social problem.

Hip hip hooray….


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  • Jamie Reply

    I knew they would not ban them, to much powerful people use them.

    March 28, 2016 at 6:56 pm

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