What is The History Behind Valentines Day?

What is The History Behind Valentines Day?

What is The History Behind Valentines Day?

What is the history behind Valentines Day?

When it comes to the history of Valentines Day, most people think of this day as a special day that they spend with someone special, their lover, their companion, and wife or husband. But not many know the history of Valentines Day and how it all started. There are many martyrdom stories that have been told over the centuries.

The history of Valentines Day starts out in ancient Rome. The most popular of these stories is St. Valentine of Rome. He was imprisoned for marrying Roman soldiers that were forbidden to marry Christians. Some stories say that during the time of Roman Emperor Claudius II, the emperor forbid any of his soldiers to marry at all, and not just marry Christians. St. Valentine performed weddings for these soldiers in secret so that Claudius II would not know.

Christians at the time were persecuted by the Roman Empire. So imagine the fury of Claudius II when he found out that St. Valentine was marrying his soldiers. St. Valentine was imprisoned and was to be executed. More of the history of Valentines Day plays out like this. During St. Valentines imprisonment, as the story goes, he healed the daughter of his jailer who was blind and could not see. She asked St. Valentine if God hears all prayers and he replied that God hears every single one. She prayed that she might be able to see the things that St. Valentine had told her about. Both sat quietly praying, suddenly there was a bright light in the prison cell and the daughter of the jailer screamed that she could see! St. Valentine praised God for the miracle.

On the eve of his execution, he wrote a letter to the daughter of the jailer, Julia, urging her to stay true to God. He signed it ‘From Your Valentine’ which is where the history of Valentines Day Cards come from. The next day St. Valentine was executed on February 14th 270 A.D. And that is the history of Valentines Day. It doesn’t sound too romantic, but the holiday has changed since those days and many people look forward to this day. The history of Valentines Day is a sad one in a way, now we celebrate in a way I am sure that St. Valentine would have never imagined.

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