What happened to Moniece Slaughters sex toy line?

Moniece Slaughters sex toy line?

What happened to Moniece Slaughters sex toy line?

I think some of you was wondering what happened to Moniece Slaughters sex toy line of products. Well the love and hip-hop star has finally come clean about what is really going on with her business project.

Apparently Lil Fizz’s baby mama and ex Moniece said that her business venture was postponed because the main investor pulled the plug. She stated “unfortunately it ran cold, I definitely had to dissolve the relationship between my investor and myself. I am currently seeking new investment to get back on the saddle because I’m left with half a dildo” she said.

Miss Slaughter didn’t bite her tongue when it came to disclosing what parts of the man’s penis was already created. She said “I have the shaft, and the balls but no head”

She chuckled about it and said her clients would be unsatisfied because with an empty penis you can’t do anything.

Hopefully she gets her head together and gets this project completed in the near future.

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