Many People Ask. What is the G-Spot?

Many People Ask. What is the G-Spot?

What is the G-Spot? Everybody needs to know this.

What is the G-Spot? G-Spot? Oh my. Such a scandalous, steamy word. Hard to believe that women can climax too during sex, right? Actually, not really. This isn’t the 1800’s when women’s main role in carnal activity was to simply lie back and think of England. Women are allowed and encouraged to embrace their sex lives. If that encouragement leads to the best sex, then exploring why its, no pun intended, to aim for.

First off, what is the G-spot?

Science describes it as a location on the anterior wall of the vagina that is said to be incredibly sensitive and possible for ejaculation. What is the G-Spot to women? An amazing bulls’ eye that gives us the most amount of sexual pleasure, thanks to concentrated blood flow known as an orgasm. What is the G-Spot for me? Same thing, but also a form of stress and tension relief. It’s the treasure at the end of the trail after some much needed “drilling”.

The reason why I compare it to a treasure hunt is that it’s not the easiest to find. For a long time, people didn’t necessarily know that women could orgasm. Since it wasn’t essential with conceiving children, not a lot of research was thought necessary to investigate or ask the question “What is the G-Spot?” Thanks to modern-day studies, carried out by Dr Beverly Whipple, it has been proven that we do have them.

What is the G-Spot location?

Its found on the inner wall of the vagina. Every woman is different and is stimulated in various areas, so the best way to find it is through exploring one’s self. Foreplay is essential to be aroused and comfortable. If you’re tense and out of it, then it is going to be a long time, if ever, to find that place of pleasure.

Sex is a form of exercise with all that thrusting, blood rushing, and stretching. Warming up through foreplay is essential to sex like calf stretches are for a marathon. Massaging or licking a women’s breasts can get things heated up. Ever thought of ice on the areolas? This will immediately tighten them by the cool temperature.

If you don’t mind a little pain, your lover can make things hotter by gently nibbling the nipples. Orgasms by nipple stimulation are possible for women, and men too! Fondling the clitoris is great for getting wet down there and easy penetration. Clitoral foreplay can be found and achieved by suckling, fingering, or caressing a vibrator against the spongy tissue on the inner, front wall of the vagina.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to go beyond the anatomy of you or your lover, you can find various sex toys on the website. You can purchase bondage, pumps, creams, anal plugs, masturbators, edible underwear, and sexy costumes to heat up the bedroom. If you’ve always wanted to see how massage oils work, then this is the perfect place.

What is the G-Spot’s best position for climax? Here are three examples.


With your lover lying on their back, straddle yourself on top and gently lower yourself on his member until its fully in. Start to bounce up and down, using your legs for elevation. This allows him to grab your breasts, hips, or buttocks for support and elevated erotica. Rubbing your G-Spot against his penis can be fun by steady friction and feeling a little dominant. If his hands are on your hips, he can help lift you up and down to increase the pace.

Closed Missionary:

While on your back, your partner can mount you with his legs lying against yours. The tighter squeeze enhances friction without penetrating you as deeply as other positions. The tight eye contact makes the two of you more equal in achieving your orgasm along with his.

Doggy Style:

This is a particular fun position if you are in the mood to be dominated. While bending over a desk, chair, or bed, your partner can penetrate you from behind as he thrusts back and forth. Being that the G-Spot is located on the inner front wall of the vagina, the position of him being behind you, makes every thrust hit it right on the mark. Sharp, sensual strokes are easy for stimulation and your lover taking control can make things extra hot.

Whether you’re engaged in bed with your sexy, significant other or masturbating in a solo round, receiving an orgasm is the cherry on top. It may be hard to reach for some women, but it can be done usually with the right tool. Fingers, tongue, toys, or a certain male appendage, are all ways for you to experiment. So, go ahead and explore your sexuality and see what works best to pay the climax of gratitude to your lady parts.

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