Reflexology And Sexual Reflexology


Reflexology And Sexual Reflexology

Everyone has pressure points in their body that do certain things, some amazing, some more awesome, and by adding certain amounts of pressure to these points can relieve a lot of tension, muscles aches and pain. This is also popularly known as reflexology. So you might be wondering if there are also sex related pressure points, and that answer is a resounding yes! The same as with any other pressure point in our body, reflexology also covers even the most intimate and sexual parts of our body.

Most people know what reflexology covers as far as putting pressure on certain points for a foot massage or a hand massage, but that is just the tip of the volcano when it comes to reflexology pressure points. Most people don’t know that the brain is actually the largest sex organ in the body, and that is because it is the epicenter of everything our body experiences from gentle touch to tension relieving pressure in muscles. Reflexology is not only about applying pressure to pressure points, it also involves touching and massaging in those sensitive pressure points.

Massagers can help immensely with applying the right amount of pressure or vibrations in the perfect spot. There are many different types of massagers that can do a wonderful job of giving those reflexology pressure, and even sexual points on your body to relieve stress and tension. With a collection of massagers all designed to do many different things, and hit those reflexology spots with the perfect vibration. There are even app controlled massagers like the OhMiBod Bluemotion app controlled massager that can get pre-programmed vibration and massage messages from your smartphone or an optional remote. Combine this massage with other reflexology massage at the same time to get extra pleasure. Release all those pressure points and see how great you feel. In fact there are entire articles online about sexual reflexology and how it can be a wonderful and relaxing experience.

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