What are poppers? The Ultimate Guide.

What are poppers

What are poppers? The Ultimate Guide.

What are poppers? The Ultimate Guide.

What are poppers

What are poppers? many people ask. If you step foot in certain tobacco shop’s or sex stores, you’ll likely find an incredible array of products often described as room deodorizers in small, brightly coloured tubes or bottles with names such as Jungle juice, or Rush. If you didn’t know, these products are poppers!

But what are poppers?

The term poppers is a general name used to describe a collection of chemicals known as liquid alkyl nitrites; a drug that enhances blood flow and relaxes muscles. Poppers include amyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite as well as butyl nitrite. Poppers are usually inhaled either through the mouth or nose and can give an instant high. The effects appear relatively fast and may include warm sensations, dizziness, and increased heart rate.

Alternative names for poppers?

What are poppers is a common question. A staple in the gay community, people use different names to describe this weird smelling liquid. Whereas some people call it liquid gold, rush, rock hard, thrust, heart medicine, butyl nitrite, room deodorizer, isobutyl nitrite, and amyl nitrite among other names. However, the most common names associated with poppers are:

Room odorizer

Generally, nitrites tend to have a sweet smell when fresh and this is why some people refer to them as room odorisers. However, it is imperative to note that the liquid usually goes stale fairly fast once you open the bottle! It can also be spelt as room odoruisers.

Room aromas

Also, poppers boast an empowering solvent aroma or smell that quickly spreads all over a room. Simply put, alkyl nitrites have wonderful relaxing qualities that can make you feel out of control.

Leather cleaner

While poppers have other recreational applications, they are generally sold as liquid incense, nail polish remover, or even as leather cleaners. However, it is imperative to note that poppers can never perform these functions and are only branded such names to ensure they are not marketed as consumer products!

So, what’s the difference between alkyl nitrites, amyl nitrates and isopropyl nitrites?

What are alkyl nitrites?

Commonly known as poppers, these are liquid chemical compounds that have been used for years. When inhaled, alkyl nitrites readily get absorbed into your bloodstream, causing your blood vessels to expand and blood pressure to go down. And because they also relax your anal and vaginal muscles, you can use them to boost your sexual experience.

What is amyl nitrite?

This is a chemical compound in the group of alkyl nitrites that have been used to treat symptoms of cyanide poisoning and angina. It is also a vasodilator, implying that it causes blood vessels to dilate and body muscles to relax, lowering blood pressure as a result.

What is isopropyl nitrite?

This is also an alkyl nitrite, a clear pale yellow liquid made from isopropanol. It is an inhalant compound that also induces euphoria, sexual arousal as well as relaxation of body muscles.

Who uses poppers?

First and foremost, it is imperative to note that alkyl nitrites, or poppers, act as vasodilators, which are substances that dilate your blood vessels. And this simply implies that when inhaled, poppers boost the supply of blood and oxygen to your brain, so you experience an effect common described as a head rush.

Mentally, alkyl nitrites intensify positive emotions, boosts sex drive, creates a sense of euphoria and well-being, and also reduce inhibitions. Room odourisers can also relax your body’s smooth muscles, making penetrative sex somewhat easier.

Initially, poppers were used as a treatment for angina pectoris, a medical term used to describe discomfort or chest pain caused by coronary heart disease. This condition occurs when your cardiovascular muscles don’t get sufficient blood. This often happens when one or more of your heart’s arteries is blocked or narrowed.

Poppers were only recognized as recreational drugs in the late 1960s, particularly by the gay community. Gay men discovered that Room odourisers could not only help them feel relaxed physically and mentally but also enhanced sexual arousal, made anal intercourse more comfortable and less painful. And today, poppers are still widely used among the gay community.

However, it is worth noting that people of all races, ages as well as sexual orientations use alkyl nitrites. One particular study involving British medical students revealed that nearly 12.8% and 6.3% of male and female students respectively used poppers as a recreational drug. And in France, the use of alkyl nitrites sharply increased between the years 2000 and 2010. What’s more, these drugs were popular among both teenagers and adults, ranking second only to marijuana!

Though poppers are rarely today used for heart problems, these room odourisers, particularly amyl nitrite has been used to treat cyanide poisoning. Poppers are generally cheap and also easy to find, often sold as sex enhancers or room deodorizes in sex shops.

What are the benefits of poppers?

As we have already explained, poppers gained lots of popularity because of their perceived benefits which include increased blood flow, arousal, euphoria, and relaxed body muscles. By the late 1980s, these room odourisers had become the staple of sexual pleasure, used exclusively by the gay community. And bearing in mind that homosexuality was considered a mental problem during this time, poppers were perceived as highly problematic drugs, until recently. Today, we can only conclude that gay people knew exactly why they were using poppers, and it was everyone else who was missing out on exciting sex! Below are some of the proven benefits of poppers:

Enhanced pleasure senses

Poppers boost sex drive and can potentially make average sex feel great. Men usually experience somewhat stronger erections thanks to increased blood circulation. In women, room odourisers also help relax the muscles around the vagina and anus, allowing them to take more pounding! Generally, having intercourse on most types of drugs boosts the overall experience, but poppers are relatively safer and don’t result in both psychological and physical addiction.

Instant arousal coupled with extraordinary orgasms

Not only do these drugs enhance blood circulation, but also get your love juices flowing. After taking a single sniff from a bottle, you’ll ultimately experience increased arousal as well as euphoria. What’s more, if you inhale poppers right before you reach climax, your orgasm will be more intense and prolonged and this is because they stimulate your mind and body. Simply put, when you have sex with these room odourisers, you’ll always lose yourself in a world of extreme pleasure.

Because poppers increase blood flow and can also relax the walls of the anus or sphincter muscles, gay men use these room odourisers for anal sex. They make anal sex easier and more comfortable.

What are the effects and side effects associated with poppers?

Poppers usually work fairly faster, producing an almost instant rush or high of warm sensations as well as feelings of dizziness. However, unlike other drugs such as alcohol, these effects may only last a few seconds or minutes.

As you already know, these room odourisers are vasodilators, implying that they make your blood vessels expand. And when your blood vessels become dilated, you’ll experience common effects such as:

  • A sudden decrease in blood pressure.
  • Warm sensations throughout your body.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • A sudden increase in heart rate.
  • Dizziness.
  • A brief episode of muscle strength and loss of consciousness.

Poppers also cause the relaxation of the anal sphincter muscles. And because of this, they are used to facilitate intercourse, particularly among the gay community. Besides, some people find that using them during sex boosts sexual sensations and intensifies orgasm. It is also advised to consult a medical professional before using these types of products.

And just like any other drug, poppers aren’t without their fair share of side effects, despite their impressive benefits. In general, your use of room odourisers can potentially expose you to several side effects, including:

  • Allergic reactions: Scented poppers can potentially cause allergic problems to those allergic to some fragrant chemical products.
  • Headaches: Because they widen the blood vessels in the brain, this can lead to headaches, which can vary in intensity and remain persistent even after the euphoric effects of the drug have stopped.
  • Pressure in the eyes: Studies tend to show that amyl nitrite can potentially increase the levels of fluid in your eyes, which can be particularly dangerous for people who either have or are at risk of glaucoma.
  • Respiratory reactions: Inhaling a strong chemical compound such as room odourisers can affect breathing as well as other respiratory tract functions, resulting in wheezing and sinus issues.
  • Skin irritations: Poppers can also cause skin irritations, especially in areas exposed to them such as the face, mouth, lips, and nose. Thankfully, these skin-related problems usually subside within a week or so after stopping the use of these aromas.

What do poppers do for bottoms?

Poppers aren’t only loved for their giggly, tingly, or euphoric effect, but they are also coveted because of their ability to loosen your anal sphincters. This drug’s main method of action is to initiate rapid, body-wise vasodilation as well as smooth muscle relaxation, an effect that relaxes your anal muscles, making penetration somewhat easier and enjoyable for anyone engaging in anal sex.

For this particular reason, poppers have been historically popular among gay men, but since people of all orientations and genders have anal sex and these room odourisers boast other numerous desirable effects, poppers have fast become the ultimate drug of choice for anyone looking for a cheap yet satisfactory way to get high.

What do poppers look like?

As earlier explained, poppers are alkyl nitrites, which are a liquid chemical and commonly sold in small tubes or bottles featuring brand names such as Bang Aroma, and Liquid Gold, among others.

How do poppers smell or taste like?

In terms of the taste or smell, poppers have an intense or rather strong solvent odour. However, it is imperative to note that you should not taste these room odourisers, as this can be dangerous! In fact, people have succumbed to drinking poppers.

How to use poppers?

Poppers are usually taken as fumes inhaled through sniffing either directly from the bottles, or absorbent material such as a piece of cloth. However, it is commonly advised by sellers to open the bottle and put it on a table to let the odour flourish in the room. 

How does taking poppers feel like?

Normally, sniffing poppers causes your blood vessels to expand thereby increasing blood flow to your body’s vital organs. And in turn, users will feel a number of effects such as:

  • A sense of euphoria.
  • A head-rush that can last a few minutes.
  • Enhanced sex drive as well as skin sensitivity.

It is also imperative to note that poppers can leave you with chest pains, headaches, feeling sick and faint and uncoordinated. And because these room odourisers enhance blood flow and can also relax the muscles surrounding the anus and vagina, some people also use them during sex. And of course, some say that poppers make their erections stronger and orgasms more intense!

How long do poppers last?

The time it takes for poppers and their associated effects to stay in your system largely depends on your body size, the quantity of the popper inhaled, and what other drugs you might have taken with them. However, in general, the effects of these room odourisers are usually felt after about 15 seconds, and lasts for approximately 3 minutes.

How to make poppers stronger?

Just like any other drug, there are a few things you can do to enhance the potency of poppers. Below are a few practical tips on how to keep your aromas stronger:

  • Always use a relatively smaller bottle to keep or store your poppers, and a bigger one to work with. This may help prevent or keep oxygen exposure to the minimum during storage whereas using a larger bottle during use allows your room odourisers to somehow vaporize better.
  • Always seal and store your alkyl nitrites correctly. And this means closing the lid and storing them in an upright position. This is arguably the surest way to prevent the liquids from escaping or vaporizing through tiny lid openings, and air or moisture from getting inside the bottles.

Are poppers safe?

Despite their vast array of potential benefits, poppers, like any other drug, aren’t free from side effects. Most users are unaware of the safety concerns that these room odourisers pose to their health. First and foremost, sniffing poppers can be dangerous for individuals suffering from heart problems, glaucoma or eye disease, and anaemia.

Because poppers can make your blood pressure decrease, you should never use them if you have issues with your blood pressure, or are already on blood pressure medication. What’s more, if you are taking any erectile dysfunction medication such as Viagra, you shouldn’t use these room odourisers.

Also, poppers are highly flammable, and this implies that they can potentially cause chemical burns on your skin, resulting in rashes around your mouth and nose. Popprs can also cause headaches, nausea as well as disorientation.

If you take poppers while having intercourse, the chances are usually high that you may feel less inhibited thereby taking serious risks, including failing to use a condom. And because of this, the use of these room odourisers has been strongly associated with people transmitting STIs and getting injuries during sex.

In recent years, there has been increasing reports of alkyl nitrite users experiencing both temporary and permanent loss of vision. If you experience issues with your eyesight right after using poppers, you should act very fast and seek medical attention!

Can poppers cause diarrhoea?

Currently, as it stands, no research suggests there is a link between poppers and diarrhoea. However, because room odourisers act by relaxing one’s smooth muscles, particularly those found around the anal region, perhaps this could make it somewhat easier to pass stool!

Can poppers cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction may be described as a man’s inability to get and maintain an erection that is hard enough for penetration. Currently, there is no data that tends to suggest poppers can trigger erectile dysfunction. And because it increases blood circulation in the body, these room aromas only enhance sexual arousal and pleasure!

Can poppers cause stroke?

While poppers themselves will not cause stroke, research suggests that the prospect of combining them with other erectile dysfunction medications such as sildenafil can potentially cause low blood pressure, which can ultimately lead to heart attack, stroke and even death!

Can poppers kill you?

As already explained earlier, anybody suffering from low blood pressure, glaucoma, or a heart condition should never use poppers because the outcome can be fatal. What’s more, poppers should not be used together with other erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra because this can result in a sudden drop in blood pressure, which can be fatal.

What happens if you drink poppers?

And while the probability of fatality or even life-threatening injury from taking poppers is fairly remote, however, if swallowed rather than inhaled, they can potentially cause major health problems by interfering with the ability of your blood to transport oxygen to vital organs. Drinking poppers can result in death!

Can poppers be mixed?

It is imperative to note that it is very dangerous to mix poppers with other drugs. Any time you mix drugs you are always taking new risks! Factors that can elevate your risk include the type of drug, dosage as well as strength of that particular drug.

In this regard, mixing poppers with alcohol has been shown to enhance the risk of minimizing the supply of oxygen to vital body organs, leading to unconsciousness and fatality. Also, mixing poppers with erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra is dangerous because it can impact your blood pressure, leading to heart attack, stroke, or fainting.

How addictive are poppers?

No research or study suggests that poppers are psychologically or physically addictive. Though poppers make you feel euphoric, they actually pose a very minimal chance of addiction. However, some people suggest that heavy users of alkyl nitrites might develop a tolerance to the drug, and may be forced to increase their use to experience the same high.

What is the law on poppers?

In the United Kingdom, poppers are legal to sell, but only as substances not for human consumption. And it is for this particular reason that they are usually sold as a leather cleaner, or as room odouriser. And you can easily purchase these room odourisers in sex shops, clubs, and online.

The law on poppers in the United States

In the United States, amyl nitrite was initially marketed as a prescription medication in 1937, a regulation that remained in operation until 1960, when the FDA removed the prescription requirement thanks to amyl nitrite’s safety record. However, this particular requirement was reinstated, after a surge in recreational use. But because there was a major increase in the number of butyl nitrite brands, the FDA moved to put the prescription requirement again in the same year. In 1990, isopropyl nitrites as well as other types of alkyl nitrites not yet banned were ultimately outlawed under the Crime Control Act of 1990. However, it is worth noting that these regulations include an exception for commercial use, described as any application other than for the production of consumer products.

The law on poppers in Europe

Since the year 2007, reformulated alkyl nitrites featuring isopropyl nitrite are sold in Europe. However, the use of isobutyl nitrite is outlawed. The possession of poppers in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany is not subject to any restrictions provided they are used as anaesthetic drugs. However, the sale, purchase, or trade of amyl nitrite without permission violates the drug laws of these countries.

Today, poppers are now legal in France, and this has not always been the case! Their production, sale as well as consumption are totally lawful. However, there is a single type of nitrite that is banned in France and across Europe; isobutyl nitrite.

The law on poppers in Australia

The use of poppers is legal in Australia, and since 2020, users can purchase them as a schedule three substance from pharmacies, or as a schedule four substance with a prescription.

The law on poppers in New Zealand

In New Zealand, all alkyl, as well as amyl nitrites, can now be purchased as a prescription-only-medication. However, because there are currently no medicinal products for any type of poppers in New Zealand, both you and your physician may be allowed to import these drugs as unapproved medicines.

The law on poppers in the far East

Poppers are not listed as illicit drugs in China and thus are widely available. And this implies that you can easily find, purchase and use room odourisers in China.

Are poppers legal?

The possession of poppers isn’t an offence under UK law. And they are commonly sold in sex shops, nightclubs, online, and bars. However, it is illegal to sell them advertised for human consumption under the 1968 Medicines Act!

Poppers and drug tests

Poppers aren’t likely to show on drug tests, simply because alkyl nitrites are usually not included in the category of substances people get tested for. To be more precise, regular drug tests usually look for traces of marijuana, amphetamines, opioids, cocaine, but not amyl nitrites!

Can drug tests detect poppers?

Generally, detecting chemical inhalants including amyl nitrites is quite difficult because their half-lives are extremely short. On most occasions, they quickly get flushed out of your system without forming metabolites.

The duration that poppers will remain in your system differs from one individual to another. Your age, weight as well as personal metabolism all impact the rate at which your body eliminates these types of aromas from your system. On average, experts believe that the residues of alkyl nitrites may stay in your body between one and two hours, post-administration.

Safe alternatives to poppers?

There are few alternatives to poppers, which not only guarantee the same effects but are safe and legal. Some of these products include:

  • Foria Explore: If you didn’t know, Foria is a sexual health and wellness cannabis firm. The company produces Foria Explore, which is an anal suppository that features natural and safe ingredients designed for pelvic relaxation, heightened pressure, diminished discomfort, the release of tension and deeper penetration, and this is according to the information provided on the company’s official website http://foriapleasure.com/products/foria-explore . Foria Explore is arguably the best alternative to poppers!
  • Rave-energy and mind stimulator: This particular product is a natural and mind-blowing energy booster, and a fantastic tool for any rave party or night out clubbing! This pill will provide you with pure euphoria and can be taken with alcohol and doesn’t also produce any harmful side effects. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, Rave is safe and legal in all countries.

Choosing the best poppers:

By lightening your mind and relaxing your muscles, poppers simply allow you to immerse yourself in a state of trance. Be it a one-night stand you are looking for, or a party you are going to, having a popper at your disposal will surely enhance the experience. However, with numerous brands to choose from, finding the best popper that can guarantee the ultimate pleasure can be an overwhelming task. So in this section, let us look at a few of the leading manufacturers of poppers.

Potent blue room odouriser

Potent blue poppers are room odourisers with a unique difference. Designed from classic isopropyl nitrites, potent blue room odourisers are highly versatile products that not only pierce through any stale, foul or otherwise ghastly odour but also significantly relax your mind and muscles alike.

What makes potent blue room odourisers popular is the added aggravator for extra strength. The aggravator comes in the form of pellets inside the bottle. And when you shake the bottle, it releases a breath-taking aroma that ultimately makes the potent blue room odorizer highly special. When the chemical reaction takes place, you are met with an exciting and powerful scent that you can’t get enough of! Potent blue poppers puck a punch are the ultimate products to spice up your love life with. While they may not be the most affordable on the market, they are one of the very best poppers in the market, so are worth your hard-earned cash.

XXX Hard room odouriser

XXX Hard poppers are exclusively designed for the experienced popper user. It is a powerful and hardcore popper meant for both men and women who crave increased blood flow. This increased blood circulation to your body’s vital organs will not only aid relax your muscles for sex, but will also boost sexual sensitivity for optimal sexual performance. Like its potent blue room odouriser, XXX Hard room odourisers are made from isopropyl nitrite.

What makes this particular brand a popular choice among popper lovers is its unrivalled strength and potency. It is so strong that users are advised not to inhale the aroma directly out of the bottle! You only need to open the bottle and allow the aroma to flourish in the surrounding room and you’ll almost instantly feel the effects.

Liquid gold poppers

Liquid Gold aromas are the most popular poppers globally thanks not only to their commendable strength but affordability as well. When you pick up a bottle of this brand, you know exactly what you are getting. These aromas boast strong and long-lasting effects that will leave you feeling ready for action! When you open your bottle of liquid gold, you’ll always feel an instant rush of excitement, incredible enough to be worthy of the title of the best nitrites in the UK.

The main selling point of liquid gold poppers is their affordability. They are among the best-priced room odourisers you can find, yet still brings on board a variety of exciting benefits that includes sensational scents, durability, and incredible energy-boosting ability.

Poppers Amsterdam

Poppers Amsterdam needs no introduction! If you have ever used one of their products, you can attest to the brands’ long-lasting formula, sweet, fruity aroma, and elegant packaging. Amsterdam room odourisers boast a pleasant, quite powerful feeling as well as and decent strength.

What makes Poppers Amsterdam popular is perhaps its reputable name in the industry over the years. This brand has been around for over two decades and has become a staple of the gay scene across the globe as well. What’s more, Amsterdam room odourisers is not only effective at boosting heart rate and making you horny but has very minimal side effects as well.

How long does a bottle of poppers last?

Generally, poppers will go off after a few minutes if the bottle is either not properly closed or left open. However, if closed properly and stored appropriately in the fridge, poppers can remain fresh for weeks.

Can poppers go bad?

Poppers are considered perishable products that can only last a few weeks. So, when your poppers are a few months old, we can say they are out of date! And this is why you are strongly advised to only keep your poppers for four weeks after opening the bottle.

Poppers misconceptions

While poppers have been around for many years, the information regarding their use as well as the associated health risks has not always been accurate or consistent. Below are some popular misconceptions about these room odourisers:

Poppers are more harmful than other recreational drugs

This is not true because poppers only remain in your system for a relatively short time. In addition, they often leave very little trace of previous use. The substances available in room odourisers are relatively less dangerous to your body.

Poppers can be safely mixed with other drugs

On the contrary, you shouldn’t mix poppers with other drugs, particularly if those products are sexual enhancers or stimulants. Poppers boast stimulating and vasodilatory effects and if taken together with other drugs with similar effects, can potentially cause life-threatening effects.

Poppers are highly addictive

The truth is that poppers don’t cause chemical addiction like other drugs. However, those who use them for sexual pleasure might experience some form of dysfunction if they don’t apply them. But in most instances, this is due to a psychological impact and isn’t associated with chemical addiction.

Only gay men use poppers

While poppers have become the go-to for gay men looking to have fun and enhance their sexual lives, they are used by nearly everybody in the world despite their gender or sexual orientations.

Where to purchase poppers?

With numerous online marketplaces claiming to sell high-quality poppers are fairly affordable prices, the prospect of choosing where to purchase your poppers can sometimes prove to be a daunting task. As experts in the industry, we are here to help you the best place to order and buy alkyl nitrites.

Buy at Boxes of fun trading UK Ltd:

Boxes of Fun Trading UK Ltd is essentially an online sex shop and blog. The company is geared toward offering top-notch adult products at highly affordable prices. Boxes of fun trading UK Ltd is arguably your one-stop shop for the best and strongest poppers in the United Kingdom. With a vast array of room aromas to choose from and the most affordable prices, it is pretty easy to see why boxes of fun is a firm favourite with people looking to purchase poppers.

The company not only delivers their products across the UK but also offers both European and non-European delivery services. The goods are usually dispatched by either the DPD or sent through other services, depending on your location. Next day or 24-hour UK delivery is only £3.99!

Benefits of Boxes of Fun Trading UK Ltd:

  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. However, it is worth noting that the returned items must be in their original packaging.
  • Amazing prices are regular promotions as well as special offers.
  • Fast shipping to UK clients.
  • Instant notifications via either email or SMS.
  • A huge collection of poppers to select from, with single, mixed, and multi-popper packs available.
  • First-class customer service.

We hope to have answered your question, what are poppers?. If you have any further questions please reach out to our customer support.



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