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January 2021

Many People Ask. How has Covid-19 affected dating

Many People Ask. How has Covid-19 affected dating?

Many People Ask. How has Covid-19 affected dating? Gone are the carefree days of handshakes, house parties and hook-ups. While all areas of our lives have been affected during this crazy year of 2021 and last years 2020, dating is one area that has been hit particularly hard for most participants. These days you are more likely to get a text from the government's contact tracers telling you to self-isolate than you are from your crush inviting you for a...

July 2020

Help in These Difficult Times. Lets stay safe!

Help in These Difficult Times We have all faced difficult situations with this COVID-19 virus the past few months, and we may still have some challenging moments ahead in the coming months. Cherishing lost ones, detachment as well as loneliness, the anxiety and tension are emotionally felt by so many. Not to mention the worries of the front-line employees, key workers, carers, health professionals, and staff in hospitals. Not to forget the food store workers, warehouse packers, cleaners, and delivery...

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