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November 2018



HYDRATION & THE TOP 5 BEST AFTER SEX DRINKS While sex might be the best thing since sliced bread, we tend to ignore the elephant in the room; preparing the body and mind for this amazing ‘ritual.’ Sex is sweet, and I don’t think you’re looking to give up on it.  Are you? According to research on the sex calculator, you lose between 80-100 calories during sex. Not only is this exhausting but it also wears out your muscle tissue’s [...]

urinary tract infection symptoms

What are urinary tract infection symptoms, and how to prevent them? (UTIs)

What are urinary tract infection symptoms, and how to prevent them? (UTIs) Urinary tract infections are complications that affect any part of the urinate system the kidneys, bladder, or urethra. Mostly, UTIs affect the bladder and urethra, but the progression of the infection can result in its transfer to the kidneys. The doctor normally prescribes antibiotics to treat the infections. And while UTIs rarely cause signs and symptoms, many people ask what are urinary tract infection symptoms and some of [...]

September 2018

can premature ejaculation be cured

Can premature ejaculation be cured? Many People Have Asked. So Here Is Your Answer. Read More & Comment To Win A Prize.

Can premature ejaculation be cured? ? Can premature ejaculation be cured? is one of the most evasive topics in most relationships. Sadly it is one of the relationship killers. It can frustrate your sexual life and even create a wide gap in your relationship. Can premature ejaculation be cured? To answer this question, we are going to look at some basic facts about premature ejaculation. What is Premature Ejaculation (PE)? Premature ejaculation is a state where a man ejaculates just before or [...]

April 2018



TOP 10 REASONS WHY SEX IS GOOD FOR YOU INTRODUCTION At some point in your life, you might have come across one or two theories trying to justify sex. Theories that unsatisfactorily explain why sex is good for you. It is no secret that sex comes with a number of disadvantages. Starting with unwanted pregnancies, contracting of STIs and STDs, to mention but a few. These negative consequences often deter us from engaging in this activity. What if I tell you that [...]

July 2017

Many People Ask, Do Vibrators Have Side Effects ? Here Is Your Answer. Comment On Our Website To Win A Sex Toy!

Do Vibrators Have Side Effects ? Many People Ask There is this common notion that nothing is ever perfect. It is believed that everything under the sun must have disadvantages. As a matter of fact, studies over the years have shown that this idea is not only true but also something to always consider in our day-to-day activities.  So, what happens if everything has disadvantages or side effects in this case? We cannot swear off everything but we can easily [...]

June 2017

Do Vibrators Affect Conception

Have You Ever Wondered…. Do Vibrators Affect Conception ? – Read More & Leave Comments On Our Website To Win A Sex Toy.

  Do Vibrators Affect Conception ? Many People Ask. Has anyone ever told you not to microwave your food in plastic Tupperware? Probably. And they most likely told you the reason is that it causes cancer, right? Now, I know what you might be thinking...what does this have to do with the use of vibrators and pregnancy? You're reading this article most likely wondering: How do vibrators affect conception? Well, hear me out for a moment. The reason you're not supposed to [...]

May 2017

Do Sex Pills Work? Many Have Asked Us So Here Is Your Answer. #Comment On Our Blog To Win A #SexToy!

Many People Ask, Do Sex Pills Work? What are sex pills? Do sex pills work? These are million dollar questions that will receive answers shortly. First I would like to highlight a very important fact. Sex is a primal urge in life. Some people say sex is everything. There is no greater challenge in a relationship than not being able to satisfy your partner sexually. That's is where sex pills come in. Sex pills are simply performance enhancement pills. They [...]

What Can I do In Order To Squirt?

#Women ask – What Can I Do In Order To Squirt? – ARE YOU A #SQUIRTER ? #Comment To Win A #Prize !

Women Ask What Can I do In Order To Squirt? What can I do in order to squirt? This is one very popular question. Squirting can also be referred to as female ejaculation. It simply involves releasing a hot wet clear liquid from your vagina in the event of masturbating or having sex. When you are fingering yourself and start feeling like you need to pee, this is called an orgasm. If you push this 'pee' and a clear, odourless [...]

April 2017

HAVE YOU EVER ASKED HOW CAN I BE A BETTER LOVER? – Read and leave comments to have a chance of winning a sex toy.

If you are asking yourself "How can I be a better lover?" know that you are not alone!!! And let's be honest, you will never be. Even though there might be loads of people out there bragging about their capacity of being the greatest lovers, their partners might have different opinions.  I have definitely asked myself how can I be a better lover.. quite a few times; and the best answers (for me) came after I analysed my past relationships/relations.  [...]

October 2016

Inhibited Sexual Desire

Lets Help Each Other And Talk About Impotence In Women. Inhibited Sexual Desire (ISD) – Please Feel Free To Share Your Thoughts With Us. READ MORE ON OUR BLOG.

Ladies Impotence or feminine sexual dysfunction is usually a periodic problem with sexual response, desire, climax or discomfort. This normally truly is a withdrawn or inhibited sexual desire (ISD) that can only be described as a lack of sexual fantasies and want to have sexual intercourse. Inhibited sexual desire (ISD) refers to a minimal degree of sexual interest resulting in a deep failing to initiate or react to a sexual activity or closeness with a partner. ISD is also sometimes [...]

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