October 2020

How Dating a Narcissist Changes You

Many People Ask How Dating a Narcissist Changes You?

Many People Ask How Dating a Narcissist Changes You? When many of us hear the term narcissist, we think about the people we know in real life or on social media obsessed with themselves. However, an abundance of confidence doesn’t equal narcissism. Narcissism is a mental health condition that is serious and harmful to those around the narcissist. If you think you might be dating a narcissist, read on for signs that you are and how the relationship will change...

July 2020

Help in These Difficult Times. Lets stay safe!

Help in These Difficult Times We have all faced difficult situations with this COVID-19 virus the past few months, and we may still have some challenging moments ahead in the coming months. Cherishing lost ones, detachment as well as loneliness, the anxiety and tension are emotionally felt by so many. Not to mention the worries of the front-line employees, key workers, carers, health professionals, and staff in hospitals. Not to forget the food store workers, warehouse packers, cleaners, and delivery...

January 2020

Porn Vs Reality

Porn Vs Reality

Porn Vs Reality The Purpose of Porn Porn can have its place in a person's sexuality, but taking porn too seriously can lead to some psychological setbacks. Porn is an art form, and designed for entertainment, and what it shows us isn't reality but merely a reflection of it. Porn can be arousing and useful in the right situation but you should always be aware of porn vs reality as this can affect your attitude towards the opposite sex. Porn isn't...

October 2019

Many People Ask. What is the G-Spot?

What is the G-Spot? Everybody needs to know this. What is the G-Spot? G-Spot? Oh my. Such a scandalous, steamy word. Hard to believe that women can climax too during sex, right? Actually, not really. This isn’t the 1800's when women’s main role in carnal activity was to simply lie back and think of England. Women are allowed and encouraged to embrace their sex lives. If that encouragement leads to the best sex, then exploring why its, no pun intended,...

March 2019


Many People Ask Does Age Difference Matter In A Relationship? Join Our Blog & Comment To Win A Prize ?

Does Age Difference Matter In A Relationship?   In recent times, satisfaction in relationships has been getting increased levels of concern, attention and focus. Of special mention is the fact that recently, many questions have been emerging with regards to the variance in the set standards for ideal and socially approved relationships and marriages. Does the age difference matter in a relationship? this one of the biggest questions many people in relationships have to deal with today. We often wonder whether there...

February 2019


Many People Ask What Countries Are Sex Toys illegal In? Read More & Comment To Win Prizes.

What Countries Are Sex Toys illegal In? For many, we included, taking our favourite climax companions on holiday is simply part and parcel of what creates a memorable holiday experience. Who doesn’t want to start the day off with a bang before grabbing a bite to eat and some site seeing? Some countries are more tight-lipped when it comes to sex toys, and so this is our guide to which countries sex toys are illegal. Because the number of countries that...

December 2018


Talking About Your Sex Life? Learn About The Do’s and Don’ts!

The Do’s and Don’ts When Talking About Your Sex Life This goes without saying. Talking About Your Sex Life is an entirely private affair. These details should remain exclusive to the parties involved as much as possible. Nevertheless, sharing some of the aspects of your union is considered healthy. Especially when you share with your best friend or a sibling. Caution should be taken to avoid sharing more than what is necessary and jeopardizing the relationship. So, when is sharing considered...

November 2018



HYDRATION & THE TOP 5 BEST AFTER SEX DRINKS While sex might be the best thing since sliced bread, we tend to ignore the elephant in the room; preparing the body and mind for this amazing ‘ritual.’ Sex is sweet, and I don’t think you’re looking to give up on it.  Are you? According to research on the sex calculator, you lose between 80-100 calories during sex. Not only is this exhausting but it also wears out your muscle tissue’s...

Our Guide To Handling Your Break Up In Style!

Our Guide To Handling Your Break Up In Style!

Handling your break up in style!   Truth be told, handling a break up is not easy, leave alone doing it in style. This guide caters for both the girls and the guys, and while it largely depends on how long the two of you have been together, the most important factor and one that will help in handling your break up in style are loving yourself and putting your happiness first. Staying in a toxic relationship does you no good,...

September 2018

can premature ejaculation be cured

Can premature ejaculation be cured? Many People Have Asked. So Here Is Your Answer. Read More & Comment To Win A Prize.

Can premature ejaculation be cured? ? Can premature ejaculation be cured? is one of the most evasive topics in most relationships. Sadly it is one of the relationship killers. It can frustrate your sexual life and even create a wide gap in your relationship. Can premature ejaculation be cured? To answer this question, we are going to look at some basic facts about premature ejaculation. What is Premature Ejaculation (PE)? Premature ejaculation is a state where a man ejaculates just before or...

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