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Say Happy Valentines With Roses

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BOYS AND GIRLS Make someone feel really very special this Valentine's Day by giving them nature's most elegant love-flower: the Red Rose. It is one of the most simple yet romantic gifts to give. The tradition of giving flowers on St. Valentine's Day first developed in the late 17th Century. Roses became the flower of choice because it was reputed to be the favourite flower of the Goddess Venus - the Goddess of Love. Florists will often...



HOW TO MAKE VALENTINES DAY WITH YOUR PARTNER SENSATIONAL! For couples that just started off dating, Valentines Day can be sensational. However, as years go by in the relationship, the thrill associated with the world’s sweetest day (for lovers of course) may wither off. It eventually becomes harder to come up with something that will make your partner happy; one that will outdo your last years.’ The secret is always going for simple and unique things and not necessarily what everyone...

February 2017

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13 Valentines Day Gifts That Cost Less Than 1 Penny!

Make Valentines day special 1. In the morning of Valentines Day, tuck a note of appreciation in the pocket or her pocketbook, handbag or any other certain-to-be-found place. Write some significant words on a piece of paper - "Can't wait to wrap you in my arms tonight!" "What's for 'dessert'?" "You are making me happy every single day - and tuck it inside a conspicuous place to easily be discovered throughout the day. 2. Have a 15-minute break during work simply...

Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine Gift Ideas – Multiple Choices to Make!

Valentine Gift Ideas to decide on? 14th of Feb is well known because the Love day each year in commemoration of St. Valentine. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who provided clandestine weddings of people that were prohibited from marriage. Let's have a brief look at the history, it is interesting. Legend has it the then king of Rome, Emperor Claudius II, believed that soldiers fought against their enemies better once they had little else to focus on apart from the...

February 2015

What is The History Behind Valentines Day?

What is The History Behind Valentines Day?

What is the history behind Valentines Day? When it comes to the history of Valentines Day, most people think of this day as a special day that they spend with someone special, their lover, their companion, and wife or husband. But not many know the history of Valentines Day and how it all started. There are many martyrdom stories that have been told over the centuries. The history of Valentines Day starts out in ancient Rome. The most popular of these...

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