A Beginners Guide To Clitoris Simulators


A Beginners Guide To Clitoris Simulators

A Beginners Guide To Clitoris Simulators

Clitoris simulators will definitely do the job if you’re the type of girl that likes to be satisfied on the outside. There are various clitoris simulators on the market, some work for both men and women, such as cock rings with clitoris simulators attached to them. Some clitoris simulators are attached to dildo vibrators if u enjoy penetration on the solo, so if you want self stimulation with a bit of penetration this would be the choice for you. Some clitoris simulators are used by the hand, and some work with the fingers.

I suppose the first choice would be do you have a partner or not. If so, cock rings with clitoris massages are an exceptional intimate and sharing sex toy experience, which has the power to bring couples closer. While your partner is kept thoroughly erect by the use of the cock ring at the base of his penis, in a missionary or even doggie style position, the bristles and knobs of the clitoris massager will be a double satisfaction for the lady as she enjoys her penetration.

If your going to be using a clitoris stimulator on your own the finger massager’s would be my recommendation. The finger massager’s work like a toothbrush as it has soft nubs that’s create marvellous sensations. These finger massages are quite cheap, but highly effective and are made of plastic. With all this said, our clitoris stimulator of choice would be the Simple & True Nubby Cock Ring, simply because of its functions and how it aids both parties.

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  • Shay Reply

    Maybe I will invest in a new clit stimulating toy! The cock ring looks like a bit of fun. I love clit stimulation to reach a orgasm.

    May 5, 2016 at 6:32 pm
  • Val Reply

    Iv got one similar to the nubby one. Me and my hubby love it. Adds something extra to our fun.

    May 6, 2016 at 3:23 pm

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