Body safe sex products. You get what you pay for. How true is this statement?

Sex toys - You get what you pay for

Body safe sex products. You get what you pay for. How true is this statement?

Have you heard of the phrase you get what you pay for?


Well when it comes to sex toys and body safe sex products this phrase is something to take notice off.  Surprisingly the adult toy industry is currently completely unregulated.

A lot of plastics that have been used to make cheap sex toys have been banned for making children’s toys and some household goods in many developed countries. So why is the same principle not used for sex toys, if these products are being used on intimate and sensitive parts of our bodies?  This trend in awareness of body safe sex products has encouraged many manufacturers to ensure that their products are created using body safe materials, which makes us ask, what are body safe materials? And how can I protect myself.

Toxic sex toys are created by two things. Porosity & synthetic Substance

Synthetic substance

The dangerous chemicals used to create cheap sex toys are known as Phthalates. Phthalates has been banned for the creation of children’s toys since 2008 and is especially dangerous to the tissue in the vagina wall known as the mucous membrane. If this area of the vagina is damaged, it will cause severe pain and irritation.


Every sex toy has a level of porosity, all this means is that some materials attract more bacteria than others. The more porous it is, the greater chances germs and bacteria will develop and grow. Even washing your toys with soap and water after every use may still leave some traces of bacteria this is why to achieve a body safe sex product, boiling sex toys and using sex toy sanitiser is highly recommended to prevent irritation.

Boxes of fun trading (uk) ltd do our best to make sure our sex toys provide a satisfying experience for our users. We are very choosy and particular with who supplies our products, to ensure the best quality and affordable prices are achieved for our customers. We always, and always will keep body safe sex products in mind.

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