Discovering how a disabled mans sex life can be improved


Discovering how a disabled mans sex life can be improved


According to research, the disabled account for 10 % of the world’s population. This percentage is projected to increase as the probability of disabilities increase with age. In fact, the disabled people form one of the largest marginal group in the globe. Sadly, developing countries are the most affected by this menace due to the poor sanitation and living conditions. Other factors that have led to the increased numbers of disabled persons in developing countries include;

  • The continued increase in the number of the old population.
  • Effects of wars on children.
  • Increase in the number of disabled minors as an effect of disease and child labour.


The struggles of a disabled mans sex life cannot be overlooked. Unlike a healthy person, a disabled man requires a lot of assistance and resources to live a satisfying sex life. Disability and sex continue to suffer from stigmatization with most people disregarding the sexual needs of the disabled. It gets worse when one is living in a shared environment where the attitude of those around you greatly affect the disabled mans sex life.

Some of the disabilities lead to loss of physical arousal and sexual excitement. In a such as case, visiting a medical practitioner to come up with other ways of achieving sexual pleasure can lead to a satisfying outer course, an alternative form of sex that enhances a disabled mans sex life. The outer course involves the use of specific sounds and scents as well as a gentle touch on the neck, the back and the ears.


Based on the fact that the disabled men are disadvantaged in the dating scene, a disabled mans sex life can be improved by incorporating measures that are designed to phase out the stigma that is associated with disability and sex. Such factors include;


As a disabled man, your greatest nightmare is definitely the stigma that continues to surround the issue of disability and sex. Getting into a group of fellow disabled persons helps you to join a family that understands the challenges that you face every day. So, look up for a social group of the disabled and join. In fact, this greatly enhances a disabled mans sex life as it increases the probability of meeting a sexual partner in the group.


This is probably the most ideal way of enhancing a disabled mans sex life. Getting engaged to a disabled partner is great as both of you understand each other perfectly. The fact that both of you are disabled means that you are both willing to go that extra mile to live a satisfying sex life; the partner actually acknowledges your efforts and will most definitely be part of the initiative to enhance your sex life.


An ideal way to improve a disabled mans sex life, sex dolls have gained popularity in the recent years and offer you the best alternative to women. These amazing dolls will certainly offer you an amazing sexual experience. Actually, some people regard them as better than women because of their numerous benefits.

So, what’s the relation between sex dolls and the disabled? One would ask. Well, these amazing sexual aids are encrypted with movable joints that make them unimaginably flexible. As a disabled man, you can thus enjoy sex with minimal straining. The sex dolls are also ideal as they lack the intelligence to judge and are in turn submissive and undisturbed from you.


With the increase in the number of awareness campaigns that have been directed towards phasing out the stigmatization of the disabled and deprivation of sex, more dating sites have been put up with the aim of bringing the disabled together. These sites are geared towards creating an environment of mutual respect and admiration. Irrespective of whether the interactions lead to long life relationships or not, the disabled dating sites are a sure way of improving a disabled mans sex life.


Although prostitution is not socially accepted in most nations, we cannot overlook the significance of living a satisfying sex life especially for the disabled. The disabled also deserve to enjoy sex and seeing that they are in a disadvantaged position in the dating scene, sorting for escorts is a great way to enjoy sex.

To conclude, a disabled man deserves to enjoy sex just like anyone else. The stigma that is associated with disability and sex greatly affects the sex life of the disabled. To live a satisfying sex life, a great deal of modifications and assistance is required. However, with the right resources and training of caregivers, a disabled mans sex life can be improved.


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Comments (4)

  • Charmaine Reply

    This is an interesting subject matter I recall a movie released a few years ago based on a true story about a sexual surrogate for disabled people also Katie Price exploring options for her disabled son.

    February 7, 2018 at 7:47 pm
  • Ian Reply

    That was a brave piece, but something that should be discussed. I’m not sure though that someone in a third world would have the resources to buy a sex doll as you described or visit an escort. How do we look after these people’s needs when they have so little resources, often barely enough for food and drink

    February 16, 2018 at 6:09 pm
    • S.K Reply

      Hi there Ian, valid and interesting points you made. Yes, Real sex dolls are expensive, however, the older models are not so pricey and are easily available. Escorts are also available in every country worldwide and not the same cost as the UK. The people in third world countries are extremely deprived and it is a shame that with all the wealth and power worldwide nothing is done about it. I believe, just like in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that everybody is entitled to love and wellbeing, even if it’s at a price.

      March 19, 2018 at 3:30 pm
  • Egor Reply

    I agree with Ian, it is a touchy subject but does need to be talked about. I personally think a disabled persons dating website would be a good place to find someone. This way the understanding & connection is deeper because they are having the same lifestyle and experiences as you.

    May 28, 2018 at 2:30 pm

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