Here are some useful tips on Cleaning Your Sex Toys – Read our post on our blog and share with others.


Here are some useful tips on Cleaning Your Sex Toys – Read our post on our blog and share with others.

Hi guys we at Boxes Of Fun UK wanted to give you some advice on how to clean, store and use your sex toys so that you don’t develop any yeast infections. It’s easy to just open the box and get stuck in straight away and then have the wrong attitude of saying I’ll clean it later.

#1 not cleaning your sex toys properly

Cleaning your sex toys is essential. You would not go without cleaning your dishes or cutlery after eating would you? Well it’s the same principle for sex toys. Bacteria can build up on your toys which can have negative effects on your body the next time you use them. If you decide not to clean your toys over a period of time they will also degrade in quality.


  • Soap and water
    Simply wipe toys down with soap and warm water especially if your toy is made out of wood stainless steel glass or silicone. Insure the soap you use to wash your toys don’t not contain fragrances otherwise it may cause you itch the next time you use them.
  • Use sex toy cleaners
    Sex toy cleaners are more effective than warm water and soap because these are specifically designed to counteract and remove bacteria is from the materials of silicone stainless steel wood or glass sex toys. They are generally cheap and will save you a lot of problems in the future with fungal infections.
  • Boiling
    Boil your sex toy if it’s made out of Pyrex, stone, stainless steel, or silicone and does not have a battery pack or a motor. Toys such as a Dildos or Dongs can be disinfected, and the bacteria killed by simply boiling for 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Dishwashers
    As long as your sex toys don’t have motors or battery packs they can go in the dishwasher. Toys such as dildos and Dong’s can be washed in the dishwasher but do not use any soap or detergent to avoid itching. Do not mix your dishes, cutlery and cups in with you used sex toys or else you may have an unusual flavour on your plates or cup of tea.
  • Drying
    Dry your sex toys properly after you clean them. This simple process can be overlooked. Drying your sex toys is equally as important as cleaning them. If they are not dried properly mould and mildew can settle on your damp toys, so give your toys a little pat down after you use them and show them your appreciation.

Be sure to read your sex toys manufactures guidelines first before cleaning your sex toys using these methods, as some methods may not be suitable for certain toys.

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