How To Know How Big A Mans Penis Is?

How To Know How Big A Mans Penis Is?


How Can You Take An Educated Guess At A Penis Size?

How To Know How Big A Mans Penis Is?

When talking penis size, there are as many myths on the market as there are miracle cures for impotence, but not everything you hear out there about your little buddy is true. So what do we know for a fact about our southward facing comrades? How to know how big a mans penis is? Is there any truth to the labels by geographic location, or big feet? Let’s break it down before we break it off:

Some Facts About The Man Running The Show

  • The average penis while soft is 3 inches. That is not a typo. 3 inches. Do with that information what you will.
  • The potential growth range is anywhere from 1.6 to 4.7inches. That’s definitely a little bit more of something you can research.
  • A study of large hands, large feet, and large penises reached this conclusion: Out of 104 men panelled in 2002, it was an overwhelmingly significant statistical correlation in how to know how big a mans penis is between big hands, big feet, and a big penis.
  • Another study shows that, yes, the geographical background does play a part in penis size. Penises from South America, The Caribbean and Africa are larger than average penis size’s.
  • Conversely, penises from Korea, India, and Thailand are, on average, under the average penis size.
  • Perhaps there is a little bit of truth to the “swagger” rumours. It is often said that if it appears as though a man is trying to allow some extra room for a third leg to take a step when he is walking, it is because he is well endowed. Well, it appears as though that actually is a pretty close guess when men were asked about it. Those who were taking a wider step to adjust for the other leg, were, indeed, more often more well endowed than those men taking short, quick paces toward their destination.
  • Although we snooped around for the scent of truth to this rumour in how to know how big a mans penis is?, there is no direct link between the size of a man’s nose and the size of his penis. We’re pretty sure this rumour was started by British Aristocracy. We think they just wanted everyone wondering how to know how big a man’s penis is.

How Do I Correctly Measure The Size Of A Penis?

Well, first, if it isn’t yours, ask permission. Chances are if you randomly walk up with a ruler and get to work, someone is going to take offence pretty quickly. Once you have the A-OK to find out how to know how big a mans penis is, gently stretch the penis to its full length if it is soft. If it is erect, you can ignore that because it has done the work for you. Simply take your ruler and place it next to the penis. The length is from the base of the sack where the shaft begins, and it ends at the tip, where the urethra exit is located. If you end at the very end of the head, you’re doing it correctly.

Does A Man’s Height Play A Part?

Much like the hand and feet size, yes, you will notice a longer penis in men of above-average height most of the time, regardless of a man’s country of origin. If a man is tall and thin, the statistics say that his penis will be long and thin as well. If he is short and stocky, so is his friendly neighbour to the south the majority of the time.

Are You Giving Me The Finger?

There are an absurd number of old wives tales about the length of one finger multiplied by the number of snowflakes in a blizzard… Try as some of the studies may, they have not conclusively linked a space between finger lengths, widths, or knuckle placement can accurately allude to penis size.

That doesn’t stop the rumour mill from working overtime though. It has been said that the space in length between a man’s thumb and pinky finger is the actual measure of the man’s penis. This, of course, would be while soft. There aren’t, however, studies that corroborate this myth.

How Girthy Of You

Girth is one of those tricky measurements to really take stock of. At any moment during an erection, blood flow to the penis can be heavier or lighter depending on how long the penis has been standing at attention.

In 2013, 1661 men were polled about their girth in Erect Penile Length And Circumferences. Of 1,661 Sexually Active Men In The US, Of the 1,661 men polled, the average girth is reported to be 4.81 inches. However, an interesting note to the study is that the size of the girth is largely affected by the type of stimulation that occurred to get the penis to its fully erect state for the measurement to be taken.

For example, if the penis in question was erect in response to oral sex, it is much more likely to be girthier and longer than an erect penis that was stimulated in another fashion. It appears the type of work put in matters a great deal in terms of the thickness at hand.

Is He A Grower, Or Is He A Shower?

As we discussed in the average length section, there is a pretty large (no pun intended) variable when it comes down to the difference in size between soft and fully erect penis. On average, the difference between a soft penis and a fully erect penis is a difference of 4.6 inches. That is quite a leap considering on average, the average penis size among those polled was 3 inches while soft. That means that the average penis more than doubles in size when going from soft to fully erect.

However, not every man has that great of a size difference. For some men, it is only an inch or two difference in the soft and erect penis. This is again affected by the stimulation used to cause the penis to reach a full erection.

Again, the favourite method it seems is oral, and the largest and most girthy dimensions were reached when the penis was orally stimulated. It seems lip service is the way to handle these matters.

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  • Colin Reply

    It’s not the size of it, It’s what you do with it and if you can make her/him happy then it’s all good.

    September 9, 2021 at 12:27 pm
    • S.K Reply

      Very true. There are men built like horses, however, they have blood flow issues, and therefore they cant stay hard for long because the penis bends. This problem can create dissatisfaction for lovers and cause relationship problems.

      October 12, 2021 at 3:08 pm

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