Many People Ask, Do Vibrators Have Side Effects ? Here Is Your Answer. Comment On Our Website To Win A Sex Toy!

Many People Ask, Do Vibrators Have Side Effects ? Here Is Your Answer. Comment On Our Website To Win A Sex Toy!


Do Vibrators Have Side Effects ? Many People Ask

There is this common notion that nothing is ever perfect. It is believed that everything under the sun must have disadvantages. As a matter of fact, studies over the years have shown that this idea is not only true but also something to always consider in our day-to-day activities.  So, what happens if everything has disadvantages or side effects in this case? We cannot swear off everything but we can easily find a way around the challenges (side effects).

So, do vibrators have side effects? Yes, they do. Other side effects are general while others just depend on the kind of vibrator you opt to use. Fortunately for us, since am also a fan of vibrators, there is a way to avoid the side effects. In short, do not freak out because knowing there are side effects does not mean we have to be victims. Now that we have said yes to the question,’do vibrators have side effects’ we will learn what they are and how we can avoid being victims. This means if you read this article you will be in a position to get maximum gain from your vibrator without losing anything at all.


1. Conception

In our previous article, we discussed in detail how vibrators can affect conception. We highlighted a chemical called phthalates which the Environmental Protection Agency has designated as a carcinogen. If phthalates enter one’s blood stream it is likely to cause serious reproductive system problems. However, not every vibrator has this chemical.  Talking of chemicals, plastic, vinyl and rubber made sex toys can also release harmful chemicals that can cause itching and rashes. To prevent this from ever happening it is advisable to use non-toxic vibrators. These are vibrators made of silicone and/or hard plastic. Lucky for us, here at boxes of fun, all there is are non-toxic sex toys. Do vibrators have side effects like causing reproductive system problems? Yes. And do you have to be a victim of this side effect? No.


2. Addiction

There have been reports of women getting addicted to vibrators.  However, it needs to know that there have been no conclusive studies to show whether people can actually develop an unhealthy dependence on vibrators.  The 2009 Indiana University study revealed that 70% of women regularly use vibrators hence addiction is a possible scenario.  To get ahead of this we will mention how addiction can come about and how we can stay free of this side effect. Using a vibrator is the easiest and quickest way to orgasm. Besides, vibrator orgasms are way more powerful.

Most women do not orgasm at all while others take the time to orgasm hence find vibrators to be the best solution, which it is as a matter of fact. There are many types of clitoral stimulation each with a different intensity. Using the vibrator frequently causes the clitoris to get used to this type and intensity of stimulation. As result, it might become difficult to enjoy human intimacy.  It will be hard to reach orgasm using other means like natural masturbation. In order to kerb the unhealthy dependence on vibrators it advisable to use other types of stimulation as much as you use the vibrator. This will ensure that the clitoris does not get acclimated to vibrators only hence making it possible to reach an orgasm during human intimacy or natural masturbation.

3. Numbness

The 2009 Indiana University study showed that 16% of women who use vibrators experience vaginal numbness.  Numbness is caused by focusing the vibrator on one spot for too long as well as using the same vibration pattern. To prevent numbness you should move the vibrator around and keep changing the vibration from time to time. Not only will you avoid vaginal numbness but also vaginal pain which might be caused by the same.  Numbness can also be caused by frequent use of the vibrator.

4.Vaginal Infections

Clearly, the question, ‘do vibrators have side effects’, is an important one.  A study published in the well-known journal, Sexually Transmitted Diseases’ found that vaginal infections are mostly caused by sharing vaginal sex toys like vibrators. The chances are even higher for women with sex partners. The infections come about if one does not clean the vibrator before use. To be on the safe side, always clean your vibrator and other sex toys with soap and hot/warm water & Sex Toy Cleaner after use.


In conclusion, the answer to our question, do vibrators have side effects, is yes and no. Yes if we do not take precaution while using them and no if we use them appropriately. Debby Herbenick, the author of ‘Sex Made Easy And Great in Bed‘ clearly stated in her book that vibrators do not prevent a woman from climaxing during sex.

Have you ever had an orgasm? If the answer is no or if you want to orgasm on a regular basis, grab yourself a vibrator. Do vibrators have side effects is a question that has gone unanswered for a long time but now since we have the answer we have nothing to be afraid of!

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  • carol leadbeater Reply

    Was intersting to read. But I would have said no. Unless rammed it in to hard lol. Well won’t stop me trying new toys. Happy Buzzing x

    October 13, 2017 at 3:44 pm
    • Seasidecol Reply

      I would of said that too unless rammed in too hard it wouldn’t have any side affects

      April 13, 2020 at 2:01 pm
  • Cheryl Reply

    I bought a vibrator in my teens. It was a cheap one, it gave me an itchy fanny. Now i only use Lelo vibes. #Upgrade

    December 7, 2017 at 3:59 pm
    • Seasidecol Reply

      Must of been cheaply made

      April 13, 2020 at 2:03 pm

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