Many People Ask What Countries Are Sex Toys illegal In? Read More & Comment To Win Prizes.


Many People Ask What Countries Are Sex Toys illegal In? Read More & Comment To Win Prizes.

What Countries Are Sex Toys illegal In?

For many, we included, taking our favourite climax companions on holiday is simply part and parcel of what creates a memorable holiday experience. Who doesn’t want to start the day off with a bang before grabbing a bite to eat and some site seeing? Some countries are more tight-lipped when it comes to sex toys, and so this is our guide to which countries sex toys are illegal.

Because the number of countries that ban the import of sex toys is so high, we’ll be talking about the most popular destinations within each continent that don’t allow you to travel with your sex toys.

We would like to get right to the question ”what countries are sex toys illegal in?” But first, some alarmingly close-minded stats:

The percentage of countries that ban sex toys per continent is as follows:

•Europe: 8% (4/50)

•South America: 33% (4/12)

•Oceania/Australasia: 50% (7/14)

•North (& central) America: 52% (12/23)

•Africa and Asia: 61% for both, (33/54) and (30/49) respectively.

Let’s begin with the most popular in…


1.Saudi Arabia

All that oil wealth and no sex toys to spend it on. Saudi Arabian Islamic law prohibits the use or possession of what they term “pornographic material”, which sex toys fall under. The maximum punishment is confiscation of your beloved toy, so worst case you’re out a couple of quid. Sexual enhancement pills are also prohibited.

2.The Maldives

Maldivian law makes all pornographic material illegal within the confines of its coastlines. The law specifically mentions sex toys to avoid tourists claiming ignorance, and having an item seized will likely delay your entry into the country. Notably, a single case saw a man jailed for six months for the possession of multiple dildos. Thankfully, sexual enhancement pills are allowed with a medical prescription.


Thailand is yet another country where sex toys are illegal. The country bans what it terms “Obscene Objects” from being brought into the country and sex toys fall into that category. Best advice would be to simply keep them at home and if you’re dead-set on having one there, look around their informal markets at night. Sexual enhancement pills are luckily commonplace items, and you can even purchase cheaper generics.

Notable mentions for Asia: India, U.A.E, and Vietnam – who will hold it for you until you leave (so considerate!).

North America:

1.Alabama, USA

Definitely worth noting as there is confusion surrounding the famously conservative state. Alabama’s anti-obscenity act of 1998 prohibits the sale of sex toys, but there is no record of criminal prosecution or even confiscation for simply owning them in the state. Owning sex toys is legal, but selling sex toys in the state is illegal, just to clarify. Viagra, however, is all good!


While sex toys specifically aren’t mentioned in their prohibited items list, pornographic material is. They consider Playboy Magazine to be illegal, so you can bet your sex toys will are likely to be illegal in Cuba, too.

Worthy mentions: the Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands.


While seven out of the 14 Oceanic nations have sex toys listed as prohibited items in some way or another, the internet is not forthcoming with specifics about whether sex toys are currently illegal in these countries or not. We recommend making a courtesy call before packing.

Worthy mentions: Indonesia, Fiji.


While some sources indicate that Andorra, Albania, Lichtenstein, and Moldova deem sex toys illegal within their borders, there is little or no evidence to substantiate these claims. If you’re going to the above-mentioned European nations, be safe and call ahead.



Egypt, as a majority Islamic country, has a ban on pornographic material. This means that one could argue that Egypt is one of many African countries that sex toys are illegal in. Some amusing methods have been used to try and circumvent this law, including selling them as children’s toys, well sentiment seems to be that possessing a sex toy is less risky if in the possession of a married couple. You can also very happily go about using your magic pills in the land of Pharaohs.

Notable mentions: Zimbabwe, Mauritius.


In Summary

The question of whether sex toys are illegal in some countries comes down to a few things, most commonly Islamic law and obscene object laws. While we hope to have helped you with the world’s most popular continental getaways, it’s always best to check ahead if you aren’t sure. Happy holidays and good vibrations!

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  • Nito Burgos Reply

    Wow these countries don’t know what there missing

    March 27, 2019 at 6:13 am
  • Cindi Reply

    Imagine going into a country and having your dildo confiscated at the airport. How embarrassing. lol

    August 1, 2019 at 3:48 pm
  • Mark Chambers Reply

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. It just adds to illegal activity when it’s not allowed.

    August 6, 2020 at 8:23 pm

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