The Beginners Guide To G-Spot Vibrators – Comment on our blog to have a chance of winning a #SexToy


The Beginners Guide To G-Spot Vibrators – Comment on our blog to have a chance of winning a #SexToy

Believe it or not some people don’t know what the G-spot is, or where to find it. So allow me to explain.

The G-spot is an extremely sensitive area inside a woman’s vagina is about the size of a small coin and the increases in size when its being stimulated. Whenever it is stimulated properly the result is normally immense arousal and extreme orgasms, so guys take note.

Sometimes touching the G-spot is not enough it takes a lot of persistence time and creativity to really find out what makes your G-spot tingle, whether it be pressing, or rubbing at different speeds and pressures.

Where can you find the G-spot?

The G-spot is located about 3 inches inside the vagina front wall opening. If you were to lay your partner on her back and you were to insert your index and middle finger inside the vagina with your palm facing upwards, you would raise the tip of your fingers upwards, then backwards to find a spongy area, and that my friend is the G-spot, where all the magic happens.

We have many sex toys specially designed to find this area of the vagina, because of their upward curve and girthy head design. Our recommended tool of choice would be the Ultra G-Spot Jelly Vibe (as seen in the image above), because of the double penetrative factors, and three vibration modes. Each head of this tool is designed to find the G-spot so you can experiment with whatever one feels best.

The cost of this toy is reasonable plus its waterproof to add extra dimensions to your play.

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