What are room odourisers


What Are Room Odourisers?  Many People Ask


Our topic of discussion is based on the question,”What are room odourisers?”

A room odouriser is a liquid chemical substance of the alkyl nitrites class which normally comes in a small 10ml 15ml or 25ml bottle. Room odourisers are popularly used for recreational use for ravers and party goers as well as sexual encounters because it has been known to relax smooth muscles, including the muscle in the anus and the vagina and as a result blood flow is improved. They are also known as room aromas or poppers worldwide.

Pretty straightforward, right? Well, that is exactly what I was thinking when I saw this question. However, the answer to what are room odourisers is actually more extensive than you think. In order to understand what i am about to say, do not think of them as your typical air freshener. 

The History of Room Odourisers

In order to have answered our question, ‘What are room odourisers’ fully, we have to start from the origin. These room aromas are popularly known as poppers which is a slang term given to the chemical class alkyl nitrites. In 1844 a French chemist known as Antoine Jerome Ballard synthesised a chemical amyl nitrate which is an alkyl nitrate. After a few years, a Scottish physician known as Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton used amyl nitrate to treat Angina pectoris. Angina pectoris is a heart condition whereby there is not enough blood flow to the heart muscle.

According to him, the amyl nitrate was to reduce the patient’s pain and chest discomforts by causing the coronary arteries to dilate improving blood flow as a result. In the 1960s The Time and Wall Street Journal made reports that homosexual men had begun to use Popper’s to enhance their sexual pleasure. In the 1970s the use of Popper’s for other needs such as to enhance sexual pleasure and recreation had become rampant among homosexuals and heterosexuals. A room odouriser also known as poppers were used as a recreational club drug for discos and raves. In short, room aromas have been a club culture since the 1960s all the way to the 21st century where they have become even more popular.

What are room odourisers?

In simple terms, a room odouriser is a substance that is meant to get you to a ‘feel good’ mood. Inhaling the room odouriser relaxes your smooth muscles throughout the body. This includes the sphincter muscle of the vagina and anus resulting to a sensation of heat and excitement. Inhalation of the vapour substance is the safest way of administration since swallowing or aspirating the liquid substance can prove fatal. These room aromas provide a warmth and a head rush that is every person’s desire. If you want to get party mojo popping, this is definitely what you need.

The Function Of A Room Odouriser

What do they do exactly? Knowing if room aromas are for you involves knowing what their functions are.

  • Enhances Sexual Pleasure
    The amyl nitrite in the room odouriser as I have just mentioned relaxes your smooth muscles including the muscle in the anus and the vagina. As a result blood flow to the penis is enhanced creating a better erection. As for ladies, the amyl nitrite compound in the popper improves blood flow to the G-spot making it harden more which will result in a more powerful orgasm. A room odouriser, therefore, sharpens all your senses leading to an enhanced sexual experience. It intensifies your orgasmic feelings resulting to a fast and more explosive orgasm.


  • Used as Club drugs
    Room odourisers are used in raves and discos to enhance the partying experience. The popper removes any pain and discomfort leaving you comfortable and in a partying mood. The room odouriser also creates a rush enabling you to dance to very loud music as the lights flash without any challenges.


  • Besides, they can also be used as room aromas, leather cleaners, liquid incense or video head cleaners. Most room aromas are not sold as poppers for legal reasons.

Storage and use

These aromas should not be frozen or heated up. The ideal temperature is room temperature, and should be used by not inhaling directly from the bottle, however this is the users choice. Instead the bottle should be left in the corner of a room so the aroma can flourish and take its affect. Other things to consider:

  • They should not be exposed to fire, as alkyl nitrites are flammable.
  • They should not be consumed by humans.
  • alkyl nitrites should not come in contact with the skin, it could cause rashes or skin defects.

Side Effects Of Room odourisers

What are room odourisers? Do they have side effects? These are two questions that go hand in hand. Just before we talk of the side effects, room aromas can have health risks to people with pre-existing health conditions or those that are combining them with other drugs so before you use these types of products you should consult your doctor, as people with blood pressure or heart conditions could have difficulties. Some reported side effects of room odourisers include:

  • Headaches
  • excessive perspiration


We now know what room odourisers are and what their uses are for. A room aroma or popper is a chemical substance that enhances sexual experiences and gets you into that party mood in a flinch by causing muscle relaxation. Laziness and fatigue are not an excuse not to have sex or go to that club with your friends because we have the perfect solution. A substance that relieves you of any pain or discomfort and improves your blood flow just by inhaling it. This is definitely the break we have been waiting for!

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