What is the fascination with butt plugs?


What is the fascination with butt plugs?

What is a butt plug? A butt plug is a device that is inserted into the rectum to satisfy sexual desires. They are similar to dildos except they are shorter and have a flared end to prevent it from being lost when inserted into the anus.

Butt plugs are used by men and women and are made of smooth materials, they can easily be inserted and are generally penis, wavy, or ribbed shaped. Butt plugs come in various materials including latex, neoprene, wood, metal, stone, and silicone. The silicone butt plugs are particularly popular because they can be boiled to sterilise them. There are different purposes for butt plugs, some butt plugs stimulate the prostrate area for men, and some butt plugs squirt liquid into the anus to maximise satisfaction.

It is important to choose the right lubricant when it comes to butt plugs depending on what material they are made of. A simple rule is if you are not sure what lubricant to choose for your butt plug you should go for the water-based lubricant. However if you’re inserting the anal plug for a longer period of time, water based lubricants can be harder to remove from the anus. There are other options like oil or silicone based lubricants but you must remember that silicone based lubricants cannot be used with silicone sex toys, and oil based lubricants should not be used with latex or rubber toys. All lubricants can be used with plastic metal and vinyl sex toys.  Just remember if you’re using a condom oil based lubricants can damage the condom.

If you will goal is to have sex with a condom after using sex toys it’s always best to use water or silicone based lubricant. People tend to try anal sex because the sexual sensation for men when exploring the anal cavity seem tighter, but over indulging can reduce this affect. When trying anal sex you must ensure you make the first experience pleasurable and using lubricants will always insure this. Always use a condom when it comes to having anal sex because if the anal cavity is torn it makes it easier to transmit sexual diseases.

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